About Scubagal

Diving enthusiast who has a zest for traveling to marvelous destinations exploring dive spots, local eats and culture. Life is too short, and seeing the world both on land and underwater makes you realize what living is all about. Don’t you want to feel like you are living on the edge of life, then you fall …. Into an ocean full of marine life? That’s me. It’s what I love and I hope I can make you love it too.

Scubagal is all about where to dive and what you needed for a great experience in one place. Travel forums and sites are great, but they never really gave me the essential information I needed for a good dive vacation. Often it was more about complaining about the experience vs. what would have made it better. Every time I look for a new destination I spend hours reading blogs only to find the essential information was never in one place. I’m going to provide quick lists and top things that would be useful for your vacation. 

Scuba DivingFloating on (Compressed) Air

Some people have apprehension when thinking of scuba diving, often feeling as though they need to be specially skilled. To scuba dive you don’t need to be an athlete or a great swimmer. You need an open mind, the spirit of dolphin and the attitude of a shark. Then just breathe. 

I hope you all find www.Scubagal.com site useful. I'll be adding articles over time and as I visit new places. I'll be sure to continue adding information around scuba diving vacation packages as well as pictures of the great marine life. Let’s suit up and get “diver ready!” See you in the real downunder,


PS - all pictures/videos are authentically taken by me! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, links are in the footer. As divers we're always looking for the next destination, so if you have any advice I'd like to hear from you too. Direct message me on Instagram or Twitter, the links are in the footer.  

scubagal_divingSalt Pier, Curacao